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Products to Watch: June 2020

Let it not be said that in the midst of a pandemic, the CPG industry wasn’t innovating. In June, manufacturers introduced 223 new products, including 47 OTC items, 77 wellness products and 99 beauty launches. As always, Hamacher Resource Group’s new product team sorted through all of them and identified five that have big potential based on their innovativeness. From new delivery methods for legacy brands to a new category for a first aid leader, here are HRG’s Products to Watch from June. 

1. Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Relief Cool Action Gum 
The legacy heartburn relief brand is looking to entice consumers with a new delivery method. Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Relief Cool Action Gum offers heartburn relief that starts in seconds, while leaving the mouth feeling fresh with its cool mint flavor. The gum is sold in 16-count packages.   

2. Betadine Antiseptic Sore Throat Gargle
Avrio Health’s Betadine brand is well-known in the first aid category, and the company is looking to parlay that name recognition into success in the cold and allergy space. Betadine Antiseptic Sore Throat Gargle brings its antiseptic power to an 8-oz. product meant to treat and relieve a sore throat in seconds.  

3. Tylenol Extra Strength Pain + Fever Dissolve Powder Packets
Having recently launched a dissolving powder product for children, Johnson & Johnson’s Tylenol brand is trying out the delivery method on an adult dosage strength. The Tylenol powder packets contain powder that can dissolve without water, offering on-the-go convenience. The berry-flavored powder, sold in 12-count boxes of packets, is ideal for patients who cannot swallow pills.  

4. Lotrimin Daily Prevention Antifungal Deodorant Powder Spray
Bayer’s foot care brand Lotrimin is bringing a new combination product to market. Lotrimin Daily Prevention Antifungal Deodorant Powder Spray brings together an antifungal and deodorant to instantly cool dry feet and fight odor throughout the day. The company is touting the product’s clinically proven ability to prevent most athlete’s foot. 

5. Jergens Ultra Healing+ Body Balm 
Kao’s Jergens brand is innovating around form and formula. The Jergens Ultra Healing+ Body Balm is formulated with vitamins E, C and B5, as well as a plant protein complex to deliver healing moisturization and combat the effects of very dry skin. 

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