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PTCB, PLEI launch Leadership Institute for pharmacy technicians

The initiative aims to elevate the professional capabilities of pharmacy technicians and foster leadership qualities essential for advancing in their careers.

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board is partnering with the Pharmacy Leadership and Education Institute to introduce a leadership program tailored for pharmacy technicians.

This initiative, sponsored in full by PTCB with no cost to participants, aims to elevate the professional capabilities of pharmacy technicians and foster leadership qualities essential for advancing in their careers. As the pharmacy landscape continues to evolve, PTCB recognizes the importance of empowering pharmacy technicians with leadership skills and is committed to providing a unique learning experience through.

This spring’s inaugural cohort includes the following participants:

Bobbie Bolen

Mark Brunton

Christa Clay

Nichole Foster

Verdina Frazier-Gladden

Glen Gard

Zachary Green

Tara McNulty

Stephanie Rice-Erlenbusch

Rachel Seiderman

The program will incorporate a blend of self-paced learning and virtual sessions facilitated by two PLEI leaders, Nancy Alvarez and Michael Negrete. Participants will benefit from a combination of 14 self-paced lessons delivered through videos, organized into five modules covering Vision, “Response-ability,” Integrity, Grit, and Results Through Others.

The program will include five 1-hour virtual discussions, a 90-minute orientation session and an in-person meeting scheduled for May.

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The hybrid program will consist of two cohorts this year, with the first cohort being an invitation-only group. Each cohort is expected to include 10-12 participants. Future cohorts will be open to other pharmacy technicians through an application process.

William Schimmel, PTCB's executive director and CEO, said, "This leadership institute is a testament to our commitment to advancing the pharmacy profession by investing in the growth and leadership potential of pharmacy technicians. We believe that by providing these opportunities at no cost to participants, we are contributing to the overall improvement of patient care and the pharmacy landscape."

The partnership with PLEI aligns with PTCB's dedication to fostering excellence in pharmacy practice. Pharmacy technicians who go through the program will gain valuable insights and skills that are vital for career advancement.

“PLEI is thrilled to be in partnership with PTCB and eager to share this significant step forward in leader development for pharmacy technicians,” said John Grabenstein, PLEI’s chairman of the board. “This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to advancing the profession of pharmacy and cultivating the next generation of leaders within the field.”

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Learn more about the Leadership Institute and future cohorts.

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