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Q+A: How is Rhinomed shaping nasal technology?

Michael Johnson, CEO of Rhinomed, discusses the latest nasal technology.

Rhinomed is a Melbourne, Australia-based nasal airway technology company that seeks to radically improve the way you breathe, sleep, maintain your health and take medication. Its patented nasal technology leverages the physiology of the nose to optimize breathing which is essential to restful sleep and to maintaining good health.

Recently, Drug Store News sat down with Michael Johnson, CEO, to get updated on the status of sleep and snoring in America, and the new innovations planned for the coming year.

Drug Store News: What’s the status of sleep in America, and how should retailers be thinking about this category?
Michael Johnson: The quick answer is that Americans are NOT sleeping well. In fact, our recent global 2023 poll on Sleep and Snoring reveals that we are in the midst of a sleep crisis, and that millions of consumers are suffering from a lack of sleep. In cooperation with WebMD, our company conducted a study of 6,000 adults in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. Here are some highlights for the United States:

  • 43% of adults are getting 5 hours of sleep each night or less
  • 51% of adults say they are affected by snoring
  • 44% of adults report they have one of three diagnosed sleep disorders: either Insomnia, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea or Restless Leg Syndrome
  • 36% of respondents report finding it difficult to stay awake while driving because of their lack of sleep.

Our survey reveals that the combination of snoring, unhealthy lifestyles and diagnosed sleep disorders is resulting in very few people getting the sleep they need for healthy minds and bodies—and millions are suffering the consequences. These consumers need help, and retailers need a robust selection of OTCs, supplements and medical devices to answer the call.

DSN: How is Rhinomed responding to this sleep crisis?
MJ: For 2023/24, our company is responding in two exciting ways. First, we have a newly designed retail package for our Mute Nasal Dilator. The package has been updated to better fit retailer shelves, and graphics have been optimized to clearly communicate snoring and sleep benefits. In addition, we’ve improved the trial experience inside with simplified instructions—including a QR code for access to a new how-to video. We know that once consumers try our product, they experience what we call the “aha moment”. That’s the moment you experience dramatically improved airflow, with most people reporting about 38% easier breathing through the nose. 

Secondly, we are expanding our Mute brand to include additional snoring solutions. Our first new innovation is Mute Mouth Tape for enhanced nasal breathing.

If you are a Tik Tok or Instagram user, you have probably seen a myriad of videos for mouth tape, because thousands of consumers have discovered just how beneficial mouth taping can be.

Why is mouth breathing  bad? During sleep, the mouth falls open, the jaw drops and the tongue falls backwards. This creates an obstacle at the top of the airway that disrupts nasal breathing and leads to mouth breathing and often open-mouth snoring. The key to getting high-quality, more silent sleep is simple. Close your mouth and breathe through your nose. New Mute mouth tape for snoring helps you comfortably keep your mouth closed and promotes improved nasal breathing.

Worried about comfort? Don’t be. Our specially designed medical-grade tape is both porous and forgiving. It allows for air passage while still encouraging more nose breathing. And it goes without saying: if you use BOTH Mute mouth tape AND a Mute nasal dilator, you should experience much better nasal breathing, improved sleep and significantly reduced snoring noise.

Our new mouth tape comes in packages of 30 strips, and should retail in the $19.99 range.  We’ll be launching this product at NACDS TSE for distribution in early 2024.

DSN: How else is Rhinomed innovating for retailers?
MJ: The pandemic familiarized families with diagnostic testing they could perform themselves, from the comfort of their home. Even though COVID test kit demand is slowing, families are seeking a comfortable and reliable way to test their children for the many persistent and seasonal URIs (Upper Respiratory Infections). Rhinomed is creating a new category of at-home testing with Rhinoswab Junior—the happy way to swab children.  Delivering reliability, comfort and performance while reducing fear and distress, helping drug stores partner with moms to match the right treatment to their children’s symptoms!

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