Q&A: How In Step Health helps meet consumers along their healthcare journey

DSN spoke to In Step Health’s executive team about the company's efforts to help its partners innovate around the customer experience in health care.
David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Chicago-based In Step Health is focused on helping companies better understand and improve the experience that patients have when engaging with the healthcare system.  The company’s executive team recently answered DSN’s questions about how In Step Health is helping its partners innovate around the customer experience in health care.


Drug Store News: Tell us about In Step Health.
In Step Health:
Our company has a deep understanding of the importance of making every health interaction impactful. We have built our platform on best-in-class data insights with an integrated database of over 40 billion medical and Rx claims. Our continuum ensures that health marketers of Rx, OTC, and CPG brands are in step with the patient’s, consumer’s, and provider’s individual healthcare experience.

We work with our partners to ensure their messaging is targeted and received by healthcare providers, patients, and healthcare consumers to deliver the education and solutions they need — when and where they need them most — during pertinent treatment discussions.

DSN: What is the importance of the consumer's individual experience when it comes to retail? What opportunities does it represent?
Expanding patient's access to information and support without prohibitive expenses and straightforward language are two ways that can make a consumer's healthcare experience more meaningful. It can be a challenge, but each patient has particular needs, and finding ways to meet their individual needs leads to better overall health outcomes for all.

Educating patients and their healthcare providers with mirrored messaging in the providers' office and the pharmacy allows brands to turn patients and doctors into advocates for their products.

DSN: How does InStep Health help marketers understand the customer journey?
Using various solutions along the healthcare continuum, marketers understand that an omnichannel approach to marketing best penetrates an audience because of its varied and repetitive delivery in the moments that matter most.

DSN: What is the reach of InStep Health's healthcare marketing platform?
With a network of over 250,000 healthcare providers, more than 26,000 retail and pharmacy locations nationwide, and an abundance of purely innovative digital solutions, InStep Health reaches millions of customers every day across the entire United States.

DSN: What is the future of how companies reach consumers?
Every consumer is unique; at InStep Health, we focus on finding ways to reach consumers when and where it is convenient to learn about products. As the future unfolds, we will continue to see successful companies using a balance of several outreach methods.