Q&A: Trividia Health's Schlanger talks taking diabetes reputation into new sector

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Trividia Health is entering the pet diabetes monitoring category, confident that its well-earned reputation in the human sector will help establish trust in the pet world. Michael Schlanger, the company’s director of channel marketing, spoke with Drug Store News about the new venture.  

Michael Schlanger

Drug Store News: Tell us about Trividia Health and its products and categories. 
Michael Schlanger:
Trividia Health brings a history of innovation, with more than 30 years of experience and dedication in the diabetes category. Trividia Health is a leading developer and manufacturer of co-branded blood glucose monitoring systems to retailers throughout North America and to a growing international audience.

With the launch of Healthy Tracks for Pets and Test Buddy that are specially designed for dogs and cats with diabetes, Trividia is now bringing this expertise and experience to the pet diabetes category. Test Buddy Pet Monitoring Blood Glucose Test Strips, like our other human diabetes products and test strips, are made in the USA and manufactured in our high-tech facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. They are our partners in life, let’s be their partners in health.

DSN: How do you suggest mass retailers best merchandise your products to gain maximum exposure
Our True Metrix Blood Glucose Meter and Test Strips, along with our TRUEplus portfolio of additional diabetes-related products (fast-acting glucose tabs, gels and shots; insulin syringes; lancets; skin care; etc.), typically reside in both the OTC diabetes planogram in most retailers and in the pharmacy planogram, as these products (testing supplies and syringes) are often paid for by a third-party insurance and adjudicated through the pharmacy.

Similar to our human diabetes-related products, Test Buddy Meters and Test Strips should initially be carried in the retail pharmacy planogram, aligning with the consumers who already fill their pet prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Since these products have historically been sold online, we are creating a natural synergy that helps the consumer gain better access to their pets’ diabetes needs at the pharmacy counter, all in one trip. As we continue to grow our Healthy Tracks for Pets product portfolio, we are creating a pet health OTC planogram to complement the ecosystem.


DSN:What can your company do to help retail sell-through in terms of merchandising and marketing?
Trividia Health has always set itself apart from other manufacturers in the space as we are the co-brand leaders in the United States, manufacturing most of the retail pharmacy brands (along with our own national brands) in the United States, providing not only the products, but the marketing and advertising support to drive not only pharmacist recommendations, but consumer awareness and demand.

In addition, our consumer education program, “Meet Lance,” creates consumer-friendly, easy-to-understand tips, educating the consumer on all aspects of living a healthier lifestyle with diabetes and the products that help them to do that. The program has expanded to include Lance’s Pets — Buddy Dog and Keto Kitty — with simple, friendly and instructive educational material to help pet owners feel more comfortable about blood glucose testing and caring for their pet with diabetes.

DSN: Have your products taken on more importance with consumers during the pandemic?
The arrival of COVID-19 has certainly increased awareness that keeping one’s diabetes in control is imperative.

Education and awareness are key as the specific needs of the consumer with diabetes become critical, as they are an at-risk population, with additional complications possible due to COVID-19. Monitoring and management play huge roles in addressing and preventing any additional complications.

In addition, we are working with retailers to develop omnichannel programs and create new pathways for consumers to decide how and where to order and receive their products as shopping patterns adapt to this new environment.

DSN: Any new products coming down the line?
Trividia Health continues to innovate and develop high-quality, lower-cost solutions for people with diabetes, including 1) new blood glucose meters and test strips to address the features sought by consumers as their needs continue to evolve; 2) connected health solutions to provide prescribers, pharmacists and consumers the insights and ease of use to tighten the continuum of care, and create opportunities to monitor patients’ data and intervene; and 3) additional improvements and innovations to products that help consumers with diabetes live a healthier lifestyle.