Redbarn Pet Products debuts dental treats

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Redbarn Pet Products debuts dental treats


Redbarn Pet Products has launched some new treats for four-legged family members.

New to the Long Beach, Calif.-based company’s portfolio are Chew-A-Bulls dental treats that were designed to support a dog’s dental health and come in four shapes.

In addition, the company acquired Polyshot, a manufacturing company that specializes in hot runner systems and injection molding, the company said.  

“We're honored the Polyshot team joined our family and is continuing our mission of helping pet parents make nutritious decisions for their pets,” Jeff Baikie, Redbarn co-founder, said. "With the help of their world-class technology, Redbarn is once again expanding our portfolio with truly innovative treats that prioritize the health and wellness of our dogs.”

Free from added starches, gluten and sugar, Chew-A-Bulls contain such ingredients as parsley, powdered cellulose and cumin to help support a dog’s digestion.

Redbarn’s Chew-A-Bulls help dogs by gently massaging their gums while chewing, and having the ridges and grooves in the patent-pending design scrape away plaque and tartar buildup, the company said.