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Clorox’s Bob Richardson earns GMDC Lifetime Achievement Award

The Global Market Development Center, or GMDC, presented its annual Lifetime Achievement Award to Bob Richardson, the director of sales and customer industry development at Clorox.

Richardson received his award at the associations Health Beauty Wellness conference, or HBW18, which took place Sept. 13 to 17 in Orlando, Fla.

“This award is a great achievement and a well-deserved acknowledgment of Bob’s contributions to the GMDC community,” Patrick Spear, GMDC president and CEO, said. “He is highly respected in the industry and, more importantly, invests his time to support the colleagues and customers he so loyally serves.”

The award is presented to those who have made significant contributions to the industry’s general merchandise, health, beauty or wellness categories, as well as to his or her company and to the GMDC, the company said.

“Bob became my mentor and my teacher ... many people at Clorox have gone through the ‘Bob Richardson school of leadership and customer management,’ and we all feel we’re better off,” Benno Dorer, the CEO of Clorox, said.

Richardson is a member of the GMDC, and has served in an advisory and leadership role within the organization since 2012. He also has served as co-chair of the Education Leadership Council since 2012, as a board member since 2013 and has sat on the HBW Advistory Council.

“We’re here to do commerce together, but we are also family,” Richardson said. “GMDC does both of those best in the industry.”
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