CVS Health to expand HealthHub format nationwide

CVS Health is doubling down on its HealthHub locations at CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide. Following a successful HealthHub pilot in Houston, the company said it will open additional locations in Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, southern New Jersey and Tampa this year. It plans to have 1,500 HealthHub locations operating by the end of 2021.

“Improving health outcomes starts with transforming the consumer health experience, connecting with people in their communities. Through physical and virtual interactions, we provide convenient, personalized and integrated access to health care support and services,” Alan Lotvin, chief transformation officer at CVS Health said. “Our HealthHUBs in Houston are generating tremendously positive customer response. The opportunity to engage with a team of in-store and remote colleagues, including pharmacists, nurse practitioners, care managers and support staff resonates with consumers. We’re thrilled to be creating this seamless, long overdue experience that consumers want.”

For the past six months, the company has been piloting three HealthHub locations in Houston that offer a broader range of health care services, new product categories, digital and on-demand health tools, trusted advice and personalized care. With the new format, more than 20% of the store now is dedicated to health services, including new durable medical equipment and supplies and new product and service combinations for sleep apnea and diabetes care.

CVS Health said HealthHub teams are focused on patients managing chronic conditions with the goal of recommending next clinical actions and driving medical cost savings through personalized pharmacy support programs and expanded MinuteClinic services. The store format also includes a variety of pathways to nutritional health with one-on-one and group counseling delivered by an in-store dietitian, as well as access to weight-loss programs.

Acting as the connection point inside the HealthHub is the care concierge, a newly established role responsible for customer engagement, including educating customers about our new service offerings, helping them navigate the in-store services and events and connecting them to in-store providers.

CVS Health said that during the pilot phase, customers accepted help from its care concierge in more than 95% of recorded interactions beyond a greeting, with 60% resulting in engagement with a HealthHub provider or offering.

The design of the HealthHUB also includes community spaces and digitally enabled offerings. Wellness rooms are available for CVS professionals and community partners to host group events, including health classes, nutritional seminars and benefits education. In addition, there are learning tables that include iPads for customers to explore health and wellness apps, as well as shop its expanded product selection on

“We have a sense of urgency about the need to bring real change to health care,” said Kevin Hourican, executive vice president, CVS Health and president of CVS Pharmacy. “What’s clear to us is that it will take more than incremental steps to fix what is broken in the health care system. That’s why we’re excited about how the combination of CVS and Aetna can establish an innovative health care model that will create an entirely new consumer experience and help people on their path to better health.”

The expansion of HealthHub stores is part of several growth initiatives that CVS Health announced today at its 2019 Investor Day, including:

  • Growing and differentiating CVS Health's businesses with a focus on driving engagement through personalization, winning in high-growth products and services and delivering new and innovative benefit designs and reimbursement models;

  • Taking advantage of  CVS Health's capabilities to introduce new products and services with plans to optimize government programs, introduce new risk-based carve-outs, develop programs aimed at complex conditions and create new analytics products;

  • Building a technology infrastructure meant to support transformational initiatives and protect CVS Health's data. The company plans to use the data across the organization to create a holistic view of a patient, allowing for insights on how best to communicate with them and the best next steps; and

  • Saving costs through modernized enterprise functions and integrated operations following its acquisition of Aetna.

“Our goal is to fundamentally transform the consumer health experience for the millions of Americans we interact with every day while creating value for our patients, members, partners, and shareholders," Larry Merlo, president and CEO CVS Health said. "We have combined with Aetna to build a powerful and unique business model that will guide our journey to becoming the most consumer-centric health company."