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Stater Bros. is closing all of its pharmacies

In what some say may be another warning sign to retailers who do not have enough pull in the pharmacy business, Stater Bros. Markets announced that it is closing all 22 of its SuperRx pharmacy locations and expects to transfer the pharmacy records and inventory to nearby CVS Pharmacy locations later this month.

In a press release today, the company said that by Sept. 28, all SuperRx pharmacy locations are expected to be closed. The company noted that Stater Bros. and CVS Pharmacy are working together to ensure that the transition will be seamless for patients and that their access to pharmacy care is not interrupted. CVS Pharmacy plans to interview many of the SuperRx employees currently working at these locations.

Industry officials have long said that the changing economics of the pharmacy business, with higher costs and more government interaction and legislation, is making it harder for small pharmacy operations to compete. In many cases, including at Stater Bros., the vacated space if often given to high-margin food categories, including produce, specialty meals and other fresh sections.

The press release said that Stater Bros. is going to be taking the space used by the vacated pharmacy operations and giving it to food-related sections of the store to “better serve the needs” of its shoppers. Overall in-store operations will remain intact during the space conversion process.

“I’d like to emphasize that Stater Bros. is a strong and competitive company within the Southern California supermarket landscape poised for continued growth. This business decision will allow the Company to grow areas of our core food business that meet the evolving food needs and shifting grocery preferences of our customers. We remain committed to providing our valued customers with the very best grocery shopping experience,” stated Stater Bros. CEO Pete Van Helden.

“I’d also like to thank our loyal customers for all of their support of Stater Bros. SuperRx Pharmacies. CVS Pharmacy provides a wide range of pharmaceutical services and programs to help millions of people across America lead healthier lives, and we’re confident CVS will provide SuperRx customers with the resources and services needed to continue their healthcare regimen,” Van Helden continued.

“CVS Pharmacy is committed to providing high-quality and personalized care to patients and we look forward to bringing our innovative pharmacy care programs and services to SuperRx customers,” said Hank Casillas, Division Vice President, CVS Pharmacy. “We’re confident that SuperRx patients will be excited about our unique clinical pharmacy services, medication adherence programs, automatic refills, and the many innovative digital tools we offer to help patients manage their prescriptions.”

“Most importantly, I’m proud of the fantastic job our SuperRx Pharmacy Team has done in taking excellent care of our customer’s healthcare and pharmaceutical needs. We have great people and protecting their livelihood was a priority,” Van Helden continued. “Stater Bros. will offer all SuperRx pharmacists and pharmacy technicians continued pay and benefits for a period of time,” Van Helden concluded.

The SuperRx pharmacy locations listed below will close and all prescription files will be transferred to a nearby CVS Pharmacy location. Stater Bros. SuperRx customers will be notified of their prescription transfer dates via mail.
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