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Walgreens’ Find Care Now aims to make finding providers easy

Walgreens’ latest digital platform, Find Care Now, is looking to make it easy for patients to locate healthcare services in their area. The platform and marketplace, which adds to the Deerfield, Ill.-based company’s website and mobile app, is designed to connect patients with urgent care, health clinics, telehealth locations, lab testing services and even house calls, optical services and hearing services in certain markets.

“People expect accessible quality care that fits their busy lives, and this is another way in which we’re continually evolving our business to bring health care services closer to our patients,” said Richard Ashworth, president of operations for Walgreens. “Find Care Now is part of a series of innovations to offer a true omnichannel experience for Walgreens customers, as we work with others in the health care community to improve access to affordable health care services in the communities we serve.”

Among the providers that will be included in the Find Care Now marketplaces are health systems in such major cities as Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and St. Louis; such diagnostic and telehealth services as LabCorp and MDLive; and its own offerings, including Walgreens Healthcare Clinics, optical centers and hearing centers.

“Through market research, our customers showed they would welcome Walgreens as an online source of information about health care solutions and telemedicine,” said Giovanni Monti, vice president and director of healthcare innovation at Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. “By combining digital assets with our strong local footprint, Walgreens offers a unique and convenient model for patients to find care built around their needs. In addition, we have a growing number of provider healthcare collaborations and a product development roadmap that will soon add more valuable features to Find Care Now.”

The Find Care Now tool can be accessed via the Health Services section of the Walgreens mobile app and on Walgreens’ website. The care service options are made available based on a patient’s location and health condition, and they can view cash pricing inform
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