Rite Aid takes to the streets to talk to allergy sufferers

Rite Aid has spent the last few weeks speaking with real allergy sufferers to ‘Ease the Sneeze.’
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To help those suffering from spring allergies, Rite Aid took to the streets the last few weeks to film videos with allergy victims to get first-hand feedback on sneezing, pollen and everything seasonal allergies have to offer to 'Ease the Sneeze'.

“Although spring is a time of year many eagerly anticipate, for those with allergies, the season can bring unwelcome health hardships, discomfort and downright frustration,” said Summer Kerley, vice president of clinical services and market access solutions at Rite Aid. “We strive to find the right relief remedy for our customers. Not only are we offering the tissues and medications, but we’re throwing in a little humor along the way because after all, laughter is the best medicine.”

Beyond the videos, which reflect a little humor, Rite Aid also released some data on consumers' allergy buying habits.

Last allergy season, Rite Aid shoppers bought nearly one million units of allergy relief medicine in May alonethe highest-selling month of the whole allergy season. With blooming blossoms causing an uptick in pollen, there’s no denying that May is the month that consumers are on the highest alert regarding allergy symptoms.

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There is a common misconception that shoppers will often reach for a name-brand medication over a generic one because of name recognition, but Rite Aid has proven that not to be true. Last season, approximately 40% of all allergy sufferers looked to Rite Aid’s allergy medication to relieve their symptoms, the company said.

Not only did opting for the generic selection help save their seasonal sorrows, but it also saved their wallets. On average, consumers who chose the Rite Aid branded allergy medicine over its name-brand counterpart saved 70% more money throughout the entire season on allergy relief products.

While allergy sufferers dispute over alternative remedies to get through the spring months, shopping patterns from last season revealed one mutually agreed upon thing: allergy pills are the favorite of all over-the-counter medicines. According to Rite Aid allergy medication sales, more than three-quarters of all seasonal allergy sufferers prefer the pill form of medication more than any other form. Although a landslide chooses pills, an unexpected runner-up is nasal spray medication, beating out liquid dosage forms.

However, fan favorites don’t end at just the type of remedy. The results are in, and the number one medication flavoring is cherry.

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Last allergy season, Rite Aid customers used more than 156 million tissues to blow runny noses and catch sneezes—that’s enough tissue to stretch the entire distance of more than six cross-country road trips, the retailer said.

Beyond tissue needs, shoppers are turning to Rite Aid as their one-stop destination for all allergy season must-haves, as allergy sufferers seek a little extra TLC and something sweet to get them through their various symptoms. According to cart affinity data from last season, candy is the second most included item in carts behind allergy products from March to June, showing consumers look to treat themselves during discomfort with their favorite chocolate and candy delights.

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