Royal rolls out sexual wellness products at Meijer

Royal’s sexual hygiene and body care products are now available at more than 250 Meijer locations across the country.
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Royal, a brand known for its all-natural sexual hygiene and body care products, has expanded its distribution in a major way.

The Dayton, Ohio-based company recently shared that its products are now available at more than 250 Meijer locations across the nation.

“I grew up in Dayton, Ohio, as a first generation Indian American.  We would go to Meijer to shop all the time when I was a kid, but if you had told me I’d be launching a sexual hygiene brand there 20 years later, I would have told you you’re crazy,” Neil Mehta, founder and CEO of Royal said. “This announcement and partnership gives me such pride to bring Dayton and other midwestern communities our high-quality sexual hygiene products at an affordable price.”

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Products that the retailer will carry include the brand’s 10-pack of Ultra-Thin Premium Condoms in regular and extra-large sizes, as well as the Premium Water-Based Lubricant, and Aloe and Vitamin E Body Wipes.

“The way we discuss sex and sexuality has changed tremendously over time, which is why it’s shocking to me that the major brands in sexual hygiene have not,” Mehta said. “People are more open than ever before, and it’s important that the industry follow suit by being less binary in their marketing and more honest about the ingredients they’re using.”

Made with vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and all-natural ingredients, the products come in sleek white packaging that is meant to appeal to all genders and stand out on shelves, the company said.

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“We aren’t offering products just to offer products,” said Mehta. “We’re creating a multi-dimensional experience for all people — providing healthy essentials, partnering with sexual health experts who provide updated sex ed, and promoting a more holistic way of experiencing sexual health.”

Ranging in price from $8.49 to $9.99, Royal’s products can be found in Meijer’s family planning section and online at