Scale Your E-Commerce Sales Not Your Infrastructure


You know it can be done. You’ve seen other brands do it.
Yet, you may be at a bit of loss about what it takes to make that happen.

Well, in an effort to provide you with some invaluable insight, we’ve enlisted industry experts to simplify e-commerce. Conduit Brands is an extensively experienced team that will shed some light on a consistently fruitful approach to e-commerce growth. 

They’ve built a best-in-class e-commerce practice enabling small to mid-size CPGs to tackle the ecommerce channel – arming such brands with a way to grow e-commerce sales without having to hire or augment an internal team.

You should attend if…you want to scale your e-commerce business, but don't maintain fully dedicated e-commerce resources, or this area of expertise is simply out of your realm.

Because you will learn…

  1. It all centers around content… and… why all content is not the same 
  2. Is e-commerce really incremental? How to think about and how to capture share of search
  3. Is sponsored media the new trade promotion? How to plan & measure sponsored media
  4. The last mile – the logistics infrastructure needed to create a competitive advantage
  5. How you can scale your e-commerce sales before your internal infrastructure




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