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Schnucks teams up with to support local farms

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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As the local produce season peaks, ​Schnucks Markets announced a plan to buy more than $5 million of local produce and local goods in 2020 from farmers who live and work within the communities served by the Midwest grocer.  

Schnucks has created a partnership with the innovative logistics and marketing platform​ to build on existing relationships with farmers while also establishing new ones - some of which have been operating for more than 100 years. The partnership also will help make sure that products from these farms meet the strict quality standards of Schnucks and its customers.  

“Like Schnucks, these local farms have been feeding families and nourishing communities for many generations,” said Schnucks vice president of produce Mike Tipton. “Our continued support of local farms allows us to also provide the best quality and freshest produce to our customers who have supported us for more than 80 years.” participated in the St. Louis-based Yield Lab Incubator, as part of the burgeoning Ag Tech Innovation community. After starting in New York City, the supportive nature of the local  community brought them to the St. Louis area.   

“We are proud to be working with a family-owned and operated company like Schnucks to bring one of the most innovative platforms for local sourcing to the five states they serve," said Dan Beckmann, CEO of "Being afforded the opportunity to establish a clean, safe,  reliable, fresh and local supply chain with these amazing family farms is an honor and a privilege."

Beckmann added that with the advent of COVID-19, it's more important than ever to support the local supply chain and local farms during these uncertain times. Schnucks and are committed to bringing the freshest seasonal produce from farms located no further than a five-hour drive from any one Schnucks store ensuring customers are receiving the freshest local  product possible.