Getting a vitamin fix via IV drip

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — With the current spotlight on health care and associated costs, entrepreneurs are beginning to redefine what health services are being offered at retail. Case in point: The Drip Room, which may be the first retailer to hinge its business model on delivering healthcare prevention and supplementation intravenously.

The Drip Room, staffed by medical professionals, provides IV vitamin therapy for a variety of wellness treatments, including energy, anti-aging — think baby boomers — and weight loss. There are treatments for hangovers as well.

“Our goal is to create a hip, modern and social environment where you can feel comfortable to ‘get your drip’ with your friends,” announced the new retailer, founded by registered nurse Shirley Kelly. “The procedures are safe and take only a short time.”

Vitamin IV drips have been popularized among celebrities and athletes, and are trending up across the naturopathic channel.
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