Rite Aid takes big step in integrated pharmacy care

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BUFFALO, NY — Top Rite Aid executives gathered at a local store, Monday morning, to unveil a pioneering, new health management collaboration — the Rite Aid Health Alliance.

Through the initiative, Rite Aid partners with local healthcare provider groups, such as the Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare Network, one of Rite Aid’s first Alliance partners. to leverage its pharmacists — and specially trained care coaches, a new role in Rite Aid stores — to help patients with chronic and polychronic conditions establish and meet certain health goals, which are established in coordination with the patient’s physician.

Provided through a partnership with Health Dialog, Rite Aid Health Alliance care coaches specialize in behavior change to help address patient lifestyle-health issues. Rite Aid has performed more than 2,300 health-coaching visits with almost 1,500 programs that were enrolled in the program, during the pilot phase of the program.
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