Smart Meter debuts cellular-enabled iScale

Smart Meter’s iScale enables users and healthcare providers to track patients’ body weight.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Smart Meter, a leader in cellular-enabled remote patient monitoring data and devices, is introducing iScale, a cellular-connected body weight scale.

This product introduction further expands its suite of healthcare products, which include iGlucose for diabetes monitoring and iBloodPressure for hypertension management, to enhance traditional chronic condition management.

To address the growing number of patients with obesity, prediabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension and post-acute care management needs, Smart Meter is expanding its product offerings for healthcare providers by allowing them to track a key metric that is often associated with these health issues — body weight.

“Due to COVID-19, the healthcare industry now recognizes that remote patient monitoring is improving physician practice efficiency and patient care,” said Casey Pittock, CEO of Smart Meter. “As more providers and patients seek solutions to keep them on track and adhere more closely to their doctors’ recommendations, we are thrilled to launch iScale. This simple, yet effective device is another tool to help physicians have real-time data to intervene in patient care between visits. They can now see a bigger picture of their patients’ health.”

Smart Meter’s iScale offers the following built-in features, making it an advanced method for tracking body weight while providing a positive user experience:

  • Cellular connectivity for instant and effortless data transmission;
  • 30% larger scale footprint for better accuracy and patient safety;
  • 4-in. LCD display for better visibility for easy-to-read measurements; and
  • High-capacity measurements up to 551 lbs. to monitor more patients.

“ChronicCareIQ’s clients responded well to the medical grade size and quality of the iScale. A large health system immediately added hundreds to their order," said Matt Ethington, ChronicCareIQ CEO. "It’s size makes it attractive in avoiding fall risk for CHF and frail patients while feeling sturdy and robust for those under weight management. We see everything. This is better. Our experience with the company and its other devices is that the data is reliably transmitted and service has been excellent.