Sun Pharma Canada’s Winlevi rolls out in Canada

Winlevi is the first and only topical androgen receptor inhibitor, and the newest Health Canada-approved formulation to target the hormonal component of acne in 40 years.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Sun Pharma Canada, a subsidiary of Sun Pharma, is offering Winlevi (clascoterone cream 1% w/w) in Canada.

Winlvei is the first and only androgen receptor inhibitor indicated for the topical treatment of acne vulgaris (acne) in patients aged 12 years old and older. 

"Sun Pharma is excited to launch this much-anticipated, innovative topical solution for the millions of Canadians affected by acne,” said Abhay Gandhi, North America CEO of Sun Pharma. “The launch of Winlevi enhances Sun Pharma’s specialty product portfolio in Canada and reflects our commitment to providing innovative dermatology medicines that address patients’ needs.”

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“Since Health Canada’s approval of Winlevi, there has been much excitement among dermatologists related to this novel therapeutic and its ability to address an unmet need of Canadians with acne – it’s an opportunity to help improve the quality of life of our patients,” said Sonya Abdulla, a board-certified dermatologist at Dermatology on Bloor.

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