Sun Pharma launches Cequa

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Sun Pharma is introducing Cequa (cyclosporine ophthalmic solution) 0.09%.

The product offers the highest concentration of cyclosporine for ophthalmic use approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the company said.

It is indicated to increase tear production in patients with keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye), an inflammatory disease that afflicts more than 16 million people.

Cequa is the first and only FDA approved cyclosporine treatment delivered with nanomicellar, or NCELL technology, which helps to improve the bioavailability and physicochemical stability of cyclosporine, resulting in improved ocular tissue penetration.

“The U.S. launch of Cequa, the third product in our growing ophthalmic portfolio, marks the availability of a truly innovative treatment option for patients with dry eye disease – an area with a high unmet medical need,” said Abhay Gandhi, Sun Pharma CEO North America.  “As a higher concentration cyclosporine product than what is currently commercially available, delivered with NCELL technology, Cequa continues to demonstrate our leadership in creating novel formulations of proven medications.”

Sun Pharma also is introducing Cequa Support Specialty Pharmacy, a program designed to enable commercially insured patients to easily obtain Cequa.

Once a patient’s prescription is submitted, Cequa Support will provide several important services, including insurance plan benefits verification, prior authorization support, and appeals assistance. This program is structured to minimize out-of-pocket cost and provides free home delivery.