Survey: How COVID-19 has changed shopper behavior

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Survey: How COVID-19 has changed shopper behavior

By David Salazar - 03/23/2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed how people g about their days, and that includes how they shop. The Path to Purchase Institute, a sister company of Drug Store News, recently conducted a survey to figure out just what sort of impact the pandemic was having on shopper behavior. 

While headlines and news channel B-roll might suggest chaotic shoppers reaching for whatever is left on the shelves, the P2PI survey of 1,0001 primary household grocery shoppers found that shoppers continue to plan their trips (31% make a shopping list), compare prices (22% compare stores’ prices) and look for deals (23% said they’re still reviewing store circulars and 24% are on the hunt for coupons). In fact, only 12% of respondents said they were looking for deals less often than before the COVID-19 outbreak. Eighty-three percent of shoppers said they’re looking for low prices and deals, and 27% said they are doing so more often now. 

The survey also found a rise in “stock-up” trips, with 29% saying they go to the store to stock up more now than before. Fill-in trips (five to 15 items) and quick trips (one to five items) also increased by 23% and 22%, according to respondents. Meal planning also is on the rise, with 28% of those surveyed saying they were planning their meals and buying products accordingly on a more frequent basis than before COVID-19. 

Respondents also reported increased use of online grocery shopping, with 21% saying they have begun shopping online because of the pandemic. 

For more insights, see a breakdown at DSN sister site Path to Purchase IQ.