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Updox debuts a new CRM solutions for patient engagement

Customer relationship management software company Updox has announced the addition of new solutions that expand its patient engagement, productivity and communication platform. In the past two months, the company has added a Secure Text feature to a limited amount of customers, as well as a beta release of Messenger, which allows providers to communicate in real-time.

UpDox said Secure Text offers a HIPAA-compliant SMS offering that allows healthcare providers to reach out to patients' mobile phones. Messenger allows users to create direct and group message threads to securely share documents, images and video. The company said a wider release is upcoming.

UpDox CEO  Michael Morgan said that Updox's single platform offers multiple solutions for patient communications, including secure text, portal message, email and phone communications — all of which he said launch from one place through its platform.

“Providers need to manage their practices or pharmacies as businesses to survive. They need to think about patients as customers and continually seek ways to improve," Morgan said. “
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