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Thrifty White, RxE2 partner on clinical trial dispensing

Thrifty White Pharmacy is teaming up with RxE2 to create a new dispensing service for drugs in clinical development. The two companies’ E2 Dispensing service — part of RxE2’s clinical trial platform — allows pharma companies to improve adherence among clinical trial patients by integrating the pharmacist-patient relationship. 

“This delivery model marks the beginning of a new era in clinical drug trials,” said Justin Heiser, Thrifty White Pharmacy executive vice president. “Our team of highly qualified clinical pharmacists are committed to providing the best service and making RxE2’s decentralized clinical trial platform and the E2 Dispensing service an asset to the pharma and patient community alike.” 

Under the partnership, RxE2 will communicate with studies’ sponsors or clinical teams to set up ordering procedures and prepare dispensing instructions. Thrifty White will use its specialty pharmacy, which is accredited and licensed in all 50 states, will package, label and deliver the assigned drugs to study patients nationwide. Thrifty White’s clinical pharmacists also will keep in contact with study participants to ensure they receive the medication and clarify storage requirements and dosing directions. 

“Traditionally, clinical drug dispensing has been cumbersome, redundant, and bureaucratic with clinical drugs passing from one manufacturer to another, before arriving to the doctor, who then dispenses to a clinical trial patient,” said Gerald Finken, CEO of RxE2 and a registered pharmacist. “Our new E2 Dispensing service decentralizes, simplifies, and reduces the cost of this process by having the actual medication expert, the pharmacist, directly dispense the medication to enrolled patients across the United States, as well as advise them on usage and storage and answer questions as they arise.” 

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