Thrifty White, Upsher-Smith partner on COVID-19 vaccine clinic

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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On April 9, Upsher-Smith offered a free on-site COVID-19 vaccination clinic at no cost to all employees and their spouses. The company will offer a similar second clinic four weeks later in accordance with the prescribed timing of the Moderna vaccine.

The clinic is the result of a partnership between Upsher-Smith and Plymouth, Minn.-based pharmacy chain Thrifty White, which supplied and administered more than 250 vaccines.

Upsher-Smith turned one of its prominent conference rooms into the temporary clinic, making sure to employ social distancing practices and requiring that everyone wear masks. After receiving their shot, Upsher-Smith team members sat in the Atrium of the company’s corporate headquarters in Maple Grove, Minn. for 15 minutes to be monitored for any potential side effects.

Thrifty White has collaborated with Upsher-Smith for many years on a variety of innovative programs involving Upsher-Smith’s generic products and its epilepsy and migraine brands. Their cooperative efforts toward the vaccination clinic are a great example of two Minnesota companies coming together within their industry to provide a creative solution to help fight the pandemic, the companies said.