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Uber expands prescription delivery with ScriptDrop

Uber will become the default courier for select pharmacies using ScriptDrop, depending on location and driver availability.

Uber is gearing up to deliver more prescriptions to customers’ doorsteps nationwide, thanks to a partnership with ScriptDrop. 

Last April, Uber announced additional delivery options beyond food and grocery, to provide on-demand and scheduled delivery solutions for consumers and businesses. Uber followed up in August by launching prescription delivery in select U.S. cities through the Uber Eats app.

Pharmacies that are signed up with ScriptDrop, including some of the top grocery chains and health systems, will now be able to leverage Uber’s vast driver network to deliver more prescriptions to more customers.

For local independent pharmacies, the hundreds of thousands of drivers on Uber’s platform across the country could enable them to meet patients where they are and serve their communities in new ways, according to ScriptDrop.

ScriptDrop integrates with a pharmacy’s existing software and workflow to provide access to delivery solutions, ultimately reducing prescription abandonment for pharmacies and contributing to improved health outcomes for the public.

Uber, integrated through API, will become the default courier for select pharmacies, depending on location and driver availability. This service is expanding prescription delivery solutions to pharmacies across 27 states, including California, Florida, and New York, with plans to expand in the coming weeks and months.

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