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Uber launches new grocery experience

Starting July 25 in select cities and rolling out throughout the summer, Uber Eats is adding new features to make grocery shopping more convenient and reliable, the company said.
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After adding grocery delivery in 2020, Uber Eats is broadening its grocery experience.

“We’ve welcomed the team from Cornershop, the Latin America based grocery delivery platform, to Uber, and added almost 24,000 grocery stores to Uber Eats around the world, including Albertsons, Carrefour, Costco and Woolworths. And consumers are opening our app for much more than dinner — at last count more than 100,000 bunches of bananas are ordered each month,” said Therese Lim and Oskar Hjertonsson, in a post on the company’s website. 

Pointing out that the one thing that hasn’t changed is their mission to help consumers get anything they need and make shopping for groceries as effortless as a restaurant order, the company announced that this summer, Uber is introducing a fresh, new grocery experience on Uber Eats. 

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Since joining forces with Cornershop, Uber has worked to bring their product and industry expertise to Uber’s  technology. U.S. consumers will begin to see brand new features that will make grocery shopping with Uber Eats more convenient, intuitive and reliable than ever before, the pair said. The changes start the week of July 25 and rolls out throughout the summer.

Details of the new experience include:

  • Groceries on your own time: The company is making it possible to place orders from grocery stores on Uber Eats whether or not they’re open — with delivery in the first available window or scheduled at your convenience.
  • Grocery shopping you can count on: The company has invested in technology to give users peace of mind—introducing improved support for shoppers in-store and live order tracking for consumers to follow the shopping experience every step of the way. Now as each item is scanned and added to a buyer's cart for checkout, the order is paid and on its way.
  • Groceries just how consumers want them: "You know what you want, and how you want it," the authors write. "Now, so do we. If for any reason an item is low in stock, we’re making product replacements effortless, and we’ve made shopping more intuitive, including items sold by weight."

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The authors of the statement also noted that with more and more people relying on grocery delivery in their busy lives these days, “We’ll continue investing in product development and new features that prioritize ease, convenience and reliability — not just for consumers but for merchants and shoppers too. This summer merchants and shoppers who use Uber will see improved capabilities like barcode scanning, more efficient inventory management, easier options for adding item images and new real-time support to fix any issues that come up  in real time.”

Lastly, the authors of the post said, “With grocery items now available from Uber in 33 countries — the shopping experience on Uber Eats is about to get better than ever. By investing in strong grocery partnerships and building features that consumers, merchants and shoppers are looking for,  we’re bringing the whole world one step closer to truly getting anything delivered to their doorsteps.”

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