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VaxServe's Kevin Carrozza talks about what's new in vaccines and how the company is helping grow retail immunizations

Kevin Carrozza talks about the company’s history and what they are doing to help retail pharmacies expand immunizations.
Kevin Carrozza, senior director, head of retail sales, VaxServe

Kevin Carrozza, senior director, head of retail sales at VaxServe, a distributor of vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, sat down with Drug Store News recently to talk about the ways the company is helping to grow the rates of immunizations in this country.

Carrozza also talked about the company's "customer-centric" mindset when it comes to working with retail partners and touched on the breadth of vaccines the company offers.

Drug Store News: Can you tell us who is VaxServe?

Kevin Carrozza: So VaxServe is a leading distributor of immunizations, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. And we have worked with over 65,000 different customers. It sort of all started around 20 years ago, and we consider it pretty much a humble beginning in which it started with around two employees in Scranton, Pennsylvania. We really started off going campus to campus, promoting immunization, specifically meningococcal vaccination, and trying to help out public health and improve immunization rates and prevent more disease. In addition to that, we really see ourselves also helping grow retail immunizations as well as vaccines and within this industry. Here, at Total Store Expo, a lot of the customers that we're working with, we started helping them quite a few years ago trying to drive immunization rates.

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DSN: Tell us why do customers partner with VaxServe on immunizations?

KC: With VaxServe, we really have sort of a customer-centric mindset. We also offer a lot of different product solutions. So what they need, we try to develop and help them out with our products and our solutions. We really focus on really maximizing customer's immunization campaigns. We provide marketing support, clinical expertise, operational knowledge and a lot of industry experience that helps the customers make better business decisions.


DSN: What other types of immunizations do you offer?

KC: There's actually a lot of vaccines that we provide to customers. It could be shingles. It could be a Tdap. It could be the flu, which is extremely important right now. It could also be pneumonia as well. Pretty much any immunization that is out there, we are providing it to our customers. And when I say customers, that also includes a wide variety. I know we're here at Total Store Expo, we're really focused on the pharmacy and we definitely work with those large national and regional [chains]. We also work with independent pharmacies, so pretty much any pharmacy we work with. But it's not just pharmacies. We also work with other healthcare customers as well, such as medical offices, hospital systems, employers and more. So we really work with a lot of customers out there, whether you're on the pharmacy side or on the medical side. And because of that wide breadth of customers we work with, we also have that knowledge and the experience that we can bring to both sectors. And honestly, I think that's one of the reasons why we were recently recognized as the top 10 pharma wholesaler/distribution companies.


DSN: So how would you differentiate VaxServe versus your competitor? What's the difference between you and them?

KC: Great question. How is VaxServe different?  I think one of the main reasons VaxServe is different is, as I said already, that we're a leading distributor of immunization, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and offer that one-stop shop experience. We have a broad portfolio of a lot of different products, but it's worth noting that VaxServe is owned and operated by Sanofi, which is a global healthcare company driven by one purpose, which is chasing the miracles of science to improve people's lives. So really the difference is we have experience in distribution. In addition, we have the backing of a manufacturer and a large global organization with a lot of experience and a lot of products to offer. And it's sort of the combination of both of those that make us truly unique and provide our customers with some advantages. And over 20 years we have numerous customers that we've helped grow their immunization programs and their journey with their patients.


DSN: So Kevin, as you know, the industry is changing and in the next five years retail pharmacy may not look the same. How do you see your role evolving to meet what's to come within retail pharmacy and within vaccinations as well?

KC: We've seen this evolution even over the last few years. I think the reason why a lot of this has happened was really the customers and consumers are looking for convenience. And that's really one of the big key benefits of a pharmacy: 90% of Americans are living within five miles of a pharmacy. And so it's gonna be important for us to continue providing them with lifesaving and life-improving products and continue our customer centric mentality and continue to help our customers reach their healthcare goals in this ever evolving market.

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