Verifique at-home drug testing kits debut at Walgreens

Verifique’s flagship kits—cannabis and cocaine detection kits—will be available in Walgreens stores, with Verifique Fentanyl+ Detection available online at
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor

Veriteque USA, the manufacturer of at-home drug testing kits, has expanded nationwide distribution to Walgreens. 

Verifique’s flagship kits Verifique Cannabis Detection  and Verifique Cocaine Detection will be available in Walgreens stores, with Verifique Fentanyl+ Detection available online at 

The widespread distribution at Walgreens will allow Verifique powered by SwabTek to expand its accessibility to existing and new consumers, providing simple, single-use spot tests for cannabis, fentanyl and cocaine in any kind of sample, including pills, powders, vape pens and surfaces, with rapid testing results in under thirty seconds, the company noted. 

Through this launch, Verifique powered by SwabTekwill expand on the brand’s mission to keep families and communities safe in the midst of today’s drug epidemic, led by the increase in illicitly manufactured fentanyl - the leading cause of death for people 18-45 in the United States today - as well as wide-spread cannabis vaping among young adults and teenagers, the company said. 

"We are thrilled to announce our new expansion to Walgreens, providing more consumers with direct access to our Verifique test kits," said Matthew Hornor, CEO of Verifique. "Through this nationwide distribution, we have the opportunity to continue increasing the reach of Verifique's products while also giving more parents, educators, and business owners access to the tools needed to keep communities safe. Through this partnership, we are one step closer to achieving our goal of driving awareness and offering safe solutions to current drug issues and abuse.”

Verifique powered by SwabTek products retail for $19.99 and also are available online and at independent retailers nationwide.

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