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From volume to value: Lisa Paley calls for industry focus on improved health outcomes

Haleon's Lisa Paley addressed the industry's ongoing initiatives to focus on value-based—not volume-based—health care during the Annual meeting.
Lisa Paley, president, North America, Haleon. Photo credit: NACDS
Lisa Paley, president, North America, Haleon. Photo credit: NACDS

Inclusivity, not exclusivity. Patient-driven, not prescription-driven. 

These ideas were the central focus of Lisa Paley’s opening address as she kicked off the Business Program on day three of the NACDS Annual Meeting. Paley, president of Haleon, North America, discussed the strides OTC Narcan and GLP-1 drugs are making in improving health outcomes across the U.S.

“What role have we played in making self-care value-based? In today's top economic environment, consumers are making really difficult choices about their basic necessities,” she said. “I know as an industry we have increased accessibility through things like in-store programs, care clinics and by switching products over-the-counter to more affordable options and ensuring better compliance of prescriptions.”

Paley called on members to deliver safe and affordable measures with science-backed information patients can trust. 

She also urged industry members to look ahead and prepare for AI’s disruptions and opportunities, especially as Gen Z and Gen Alpha enter the fold. Paley shared that 29% of millennials rely on social media influencers for product discovery and self-care. 

"Technology plays a vital role here as we look to offer holistic wellness tools that include not just the product, but the wearables and the apps and the data to be integrated. Now we are meeting them where they are, but we must do this with the surround sound of credible science and tools that fit in their health needs," she said.

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