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Walgreens debuts Rx Savings Finder to help patients save on medication

The new tool consolidates discount cards, offering easy access to savings on thousands of prescription medications.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor

Walgreens today announced the launch of Rx Savings Finder, a simple-to-use digital tool designed to help customers save money on prescription medications. Rx Savings Finder finds free, third-party discount cards, providing patients with a quick and easy way to find lower prices on their Walgreens medications.

“Inflation not only impacts our pockets but can have serious implications on health,” said Rick Gates, chief pharmacy officer at Walgreens. “Over one-third of Americans have avoided a prescription refill to reduce costs and with over 131 million Americans taking at least one prescription medication, this is very concerning. That is why we have launched Walgreens Rx Savings Finder – to empower our customers with transparent prescription costs and help them save money on medications.”

The Walgreens Rx Savings Finder tool helps to alleviate cost concerns for patients by offering savings on thousands of medications as well as providing transparent pricing before they reach the checkout counter. Available online at Walgreens.RxSense.com, the tool is available to all Walgreens customers for free, with no monthly subscription or yearly membership needed.

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The Walgreens Rx Savings Finder tool is available to all Walgreens customers at no cost. Patients can access the discount card prices by text message or email, which can be presented to a Walgreens pharmacy team member so the savings can be applied to the price of their prescription medications. With Rx Savings Finder, customers can feel confident they are making informed decisions at the pharmacy counter for themselves and their families.

"By consolidating the search process across multiple discount card websites, Walgreens not only saves our patients valuable time and reduces the cost of vital medications, but also takes an important step in alleviating the workload of our pharmacists," Walgreens said.

"At Walgreens, we are committed to empowering customers to find lower deals at Walgreens while unlocking the full potential of our pharmacists," said Gates. "The response to our pilot program has been overwhelmingly positive, with both customers and our dedicated pharmacy staff reporting significant time and cost savings. One striking instance involves a pharmacist’s recent account where our Rx Savings Finder tool helped a customer save over $75 on their prescriptions during a single visit.”

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Gates added, “This tool is just one facet of our evolving suite of pharmacy solutions. Our digital innovations, spanning telepharmacy, micro-fulfillment, and cutting-edge technologies, align with the evolving needs of patients and pharmacists. Beyond the conventional role of medication dispensing, our vision encompasses fostering meaningful patient connections, looking at their holistic health profiles, and collaborating with healthcare partners for a more comprehensive and community-centric approach to health care.”

Rick Bates, founder and CEO of RxSense said, “We’re thrilled to work with Walgreens to launch the Rx Savings Finder tool to bring even lower cost prescriptions to millions of Walgreens customers. RxSense is focused on delivering technology solutions to the market that offer price transparency and lower drug costs to our partners and their patients, and this new website will empower more consumers with access to deeper discounts on their medications.”

Rx Savings Finder is now available at Walgreens pharmacies nationwide.

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