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Walgreens employs therapy dogs in Texas to help children get vaccinated

In Central Texas, Walgreens worked with The Dog Alliance, Vax Together Austin and Austin Independent School District to provide therapy dogs for children getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
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For children, vaccines are something that can be a bit fearful or worrisome.

Since becoming eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, children in Central Texas who received their vaccine at Walgreens had a special, furry friend to help keep them calm during the process.

Recently, the retailer shared on its website how it worked with The Dog Alliance, Vax Together Austin and Austin Independent School District to help make the vaccination process easier and a little more enjoyable for the younger demographic by having therapy dog available.

“Getting a vaccine can be scary enough to begin with, for adults even,” Walgreens pharmacy manager Casey Nicholas said. “The build-up to coming in can make kids nervous, but once they see the dogs, you can see them start to relax.”

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The therapy dogs were on hand to help in any way they could at a community COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Central Texas.

“These parents were in tears leaving the room because they weren't able to get their child’s vaccine elsewhere,” Nicholas says. “They actually had to leave clinics previously because it was too much for their kids, but being able to come to our clinic with the therapy space, their child was finally able to get a much needed immunization.”

After receiving great responses about the initiative, Walgreens shared that it will continue to work with Vax Together Austin and The Dog Alliance on future clinics through December.

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“We’re looking forward to doing a lot more clinics and getting more vaccines to more people, especially in socially vulnerable areas where access can be harder to come by,” Nicholas says.

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