Walgreens expands eligibility age for COVID-19 testing

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Walgreens is expanding the age range for its COVID-19 testing at all of its testing sites. The company now is offering COVID-19 tests for those 3 years old and older, expanding from its previous testing age cutoff of 18 years old and older. 

“We’re continuing to expand our COVID-19 testing program to improve access in the communities we serve, and this will help to address the growing need for testing for children and adolescents,” said Rick Gates, senior vice president of pharmacy at Walgreens. “As more health departments and school administrators continue efforts to bring students back to classrooms in a safe and thoughtful manner, and to help parents and guardians seeking access to testing when warranted for their children, we’re proud to be a community testing resource for individuals and families — including those age 3 and over.”

Parents and guardians can visit Walgreens testing website to schedule an appointment and will be prompted to provide electronic consent and accompany any minor to the testing location. At the testing location, parents will be instructed on how to administer the test by the Walgreens pharmacy team. Adolescents may self-administer the test if desired. 

Walgreens said anyone who meets the criteria established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can receive a test at no cost. 

Currently, Walgreens offers roughly 620 COVID-19 testing sites across the United States and in Puerto Rico, with 80 locations set to open this week. The company noted that more than 70% of its testing sites are in areas that the CDC has identified as socially vulnerable.