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Walgreens offers vaccine, testing appointments in preparation for fall

Walgreens offers flu and respiratory syncytial virus vaccination appointments nationwide.
fall readiness
fall readiness

Walgreens is making it easy to help get ahead of respiratory virus season with convenient and timely options for vaccination, testing and treatment all in one place.

Individuals ages 3 years and older can receive a flu shot, and eligible individuals ages 60 years and older can receive an RSV vaccine.

Patients can visit the pharmacy or schedule an appointment through the Walgreens app, by visiting or by calling 1-800-WALGREENS.

Here's what Walgreens is offering:

  • Vaccinations: Walgreens offers flexible vaccination appointment openings including nights, weekends and walk-ins.
  • Testing: For individuals experiencing sniffles, cough or other respiratory symptoms, Walgreens neighborhood community pharmacists are equipped to offer testing options to help determine which virus is causing symptoms.
  • Treatments: Walgreens pharmacists can help patients manage symptoms and potentially receive treatment. Walgreens also offers 24-hour same day delivery for medicine cabinet essentials.
  • Incentives: Immediately following a vaccination, a $5 Walgreens Cash reward is earned and a $10 Walgreens Cash reward can be earned this September.

“We know our trusted pharmacy teams will be relied upon this fall to prevent the spread of seasonal viruses, as patients see their pharmacist almost twice as often as they see their physician or other healthcare provider,” said Rick Gates, Walgreens chief pharmacy officer.

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Gates continued, “All of us need to do our part to stay healthy and neighborhood pharmacies are the most accessible destinations for the quick, routine and preventative care that patients have come to expect post-pandemic.”

When community spread of flu, COVID-19 and RSV picks up this fall, Walgreens has additional services planned.

  • Vaccinations: Walgreens continues to offer COVID-19 vaccines and will provide the new CDC recommended COVID-19 vaccine once available, which will better protect against the most prevalent COVID-19 strain. Walgreens pharmacists can provide additional guidance on which vaccines are right for each individual and optimal timing, including scheduling multiple respiratory and routine immunizations during the same visit.

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  • Testing: Walgreens will have several convenient options for testing, including a low-cost, rapid antigen test that can detect COVID-19 and Flu A/B in one visit.
  • Treatment: Simplifying a path to recovery for patients, Walgreens pharmacists will be able to prescribe COVID-19 treatments nationwide and flu treatments in select locations.

Later this year, the Walgreens Flu Index  also will launch for the 2023-2024 season. Respiratory illness activity also will be tracked via the Walgreens COVID-19 Index, one of the last remaining surveillance trackers in the United States, to help communities monitor flu activity and COVID-19 positivity data.

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