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Walgreens receives AAHP's Integrative Medicine Retailer award

The award recognizes a retailer or retailer executive that promotes and sells products that encompass a broad range of therapeutic approaches.

The American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists has named Walgreens as the 2023 recipient of its Integrative Medicine Retailer Award.

The award recognizes a retailer organization or retailer executive that promotes and sells products that encompass a broad range of therapeutic approaches to consumers seeking to participate actively in their health care.

Michael Wolf,  director/divisional merchandise manager of OTC Drugs, will accept the award during a Sept. 20 reception. The AAHP Industry Reception, sponsored by The Emerson Group, will take place at the Union League of Philadelphia in conjunction with the Natural Products Expo East.

Wolf began his career as a pharmacist with Walgreens and has been a valued leader of the Walgreens team for 20 years. His passion for keeping the health and well-being of the consumer at the forefront has been his professional guiding force, the company said.

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“Walgreens recognizes their consumers are cost conscious, digitally savvy, proactive and evolving,” said Mark Land, president of AAHP. “To meet the needs of this consumer, Mike and his team continuously work with supplier partners to earn consumers’ trust in introducing new products that are of high quality and value.”

Consumer demand for self-care and immunity boosting products sharply increased in conjunction with COVID-19, as well as online shopping. The opportunity flooded the marketplace with items — some produced by well-meaning but inexperienced entrepreneurs or manufactured at oversees facilities that offered lower costs but have not yet been inspected by FDA.

All products offered through Walgreens' nearly 9,000 store locations and are direct from its supplier partners; Walgreens doesn’t buy from other sources. Working with these vetted supplier partners also ensures that products are shipped and stored under quality-controlled conditions.

Walgreens said also enables consumers to make informed choices. The website is a trusted resource that educates mainstream shoppers on natural product categories such as homeopathic medicines, herbal supplements, aromatherapy, omegas, minerals, vitamins, superfoods and much more, it said. Consumers can then choose products that meet their needs and preferences from a wide selection.

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This is the fifth annual event for AAHP. 

“In bringing together homeopathic manufacturers, retailers, experts in the field, and professionals from adjacent associations, the AAHP Industry Reception highlights opportunities and challenges that we can all work through together,” said Land.

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