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Walgreens to sell Lexie Lumen hearing aids OTC

Starting Oct. 17, Lexie Lumen hearing aids can be purchased at Walgreens stores nationwide, including Puerto Rico, for $799.
lexie hearing aids

Following Congress passing the OTC Hearing Aid Act, and subsequent rules issued less than two months ago by the Food and Drug Administration, which allows consumers to purchase hearing aids directly at retail stores and online without a prescription, Walgreens announced that Lexie Lumen hearing aids will be available OTC at all of its stores nationwide for adults aged 18 years old and older with mild to moderate hearing loss starting Oct. 17. 

“Walgreens is committed to breaking down barriers to offer convenient access to affordable health-and-wellness solutions,” said Luke Rauch, senior vice president and chief merchandising officer of Walgreens. “Together with Lexie Hearing, we are making it easy for customers nationwide to purchase high-quality hearing aids directly from their neighborhood Walgreens, both online and in store.”

Approximately 37.5 million American adults report some trouble hearing, yet only about 20% of those who could benefit from hearing aids have used them, Walgreens said.

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“We believe hearing health should be available to all people, not only those who can afford it,” said Nic Klopper, CEO and founder of Lexie Hearing. “That’s why we’re excited to work with Walgreens to make affordable, audiologist-quality hearing aids more accessible to communities across the country.”

Lexie Lumen hearing aids can be purchased at Walgreens stores nationwide, including Puerto Rico, for $799. Consumers also can purchase them online through Walgreens Find Care for $39 per month for 24 months. Each purchase includes a pair of hearing aids, all the batteries and accessories that are needed to set up the hearing aids, and a 45-day money back guarantee. Walgreens customers also can save money on this purchase if they are enrolled in the myWalgreens loyalty program or use the myWalgreens Credit Card.

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Lexie Hearing offers customers a complete hearing solution, including a professional-quality hearing check, hearing aids customized to their unique hearing profile and access to hearing experts through video or voice calls. With smart technology and remote care, Lexie Lumen hearing aids deliver the quality and features expected from premium hearing aids, at a greatly reduced cost, the company said. 

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