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Walgreens taps The Old Gays to tout its digital prescription services

Walgreens is using The Old Gays to promote its app, which offers customers the ability to set pill reminders, refill by scanning prescriptions, combine family orders and have a real-time, 24/7 chat option with its pharmacists.

Walgreens has come up with an innovative way to introduce customers to its digital prescription services.

The retailer has created a video featuring The Old Gays, a team comprised of Jessay Martin, Bill Lyons, Robert Reeves and Mick Peterson, four openly gay men in their 60s and 70s whose comedy and dance videos appear regularly on TikTok.

Walgreens noted that if your days are anything like theirs, then dance practice doesn’t leave much time for running errands, like picking up your prescriptions. For two of The Old Gays, who are openly HIV positive and adhere to a strict medication regimen, this especially rings true, Walgreens said.

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The retail pharmacy chain noted that everyone, but particularly those with a chronic condition, busy lifestyle or who are caregivers, can benefit from the pharmacy services it offers in store, online and via the Walgreens app.

The app provides a seamless prescription experience that includes setting pill reminders, refilling by scanning prescriptions, combining family orders and a real-time, 24/7 chat option with pharmacists. The app also eliminates the need to run to the pharmacy for in-person consultations and prescription pickup, thanks to a same-day prescription delivery option.

Loza Theodros, a Walgreens pharmacist at an HIV-specialized pharmacy in Los Angeles, shared that she considers these services to be indispensable for her patients. For those with chronic conditions like HIV, taking medications on a regular basis is crucial for managing their health. Setting up automatic refills or selecting same-day delivery can remove barriers to keeping on top of a medication regimen, and give time back for what matters most —l ike dance practice.

“The world is changing at a rapid rate and digitalization is a big part of it,” Theodros said. “Managing your health can seem overwhelming, and the Walgreens app just makes life easier. You don’t have to go out of your way with gas prices the way they are and the pandemic the way it’s been. There are so many tools and resources that can help our community. I encourage everyone to give it a shot.”

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Individuals also can use the Walgreens app to schedule an appointment for a vaccine, such as COVID, shingles and pneumonia, or arrange for a combination of vaccines in one appointment.

You’ll recognize Theodros, who has a sizeable social media following herself, collaborating with The Old Gays to spread the word about the benefits of Walgreens pharmacy services. When she isn’t providing health care for those living with chronic conditions at her day job, she’s hosting Sunday Stillness sessions for her 23,000 Instagram followers as a way of creating a safe, meditative space,” Walgreens noted.

“I’ve loved seeing my worlds collide in this opportunity with The Old Gays,” Theodros said. “They bring light to their platform just by showing themselves navigating what it’s like to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you’re old, young, gay, straight, a pharmacist, a TikTok influencer or something in between, Walgreens pharmacy services put you in control of your care — and put it at your fingertips.”

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