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Walmart+ and Pawp debut 24/7 pet telehealth service

The new Walmart+ service will give members unlimited access to veterinary experts, per the retailer.

It’s National Pet Month and Walmart+ is giving its members another reason to celebrate. The membership announced it is teaming up with Pawp to introduce a new telehealth benefit to its pet-owning members.

Starting later this year, Walmart+ members will have 24/7 virtual access to Pawp’s team of veterinary professionals. This new benefit provides a free pet health service for Walmart+ members during a time when costs are rising for traditional veterinary services and access to care has become increasingly difficult, the retailer said.

Walmart+ initially piloted Pawp as a limited-time offer last year, knowing that over 75% of its members are pet owners. The pet telehealth service gained popularity amongst members, boasting a high redemption rate and becoming Walmart+’s most successful limited-time offer of 2023.

“Our focus has always been on evolving Walmart+ in a way that puts our members first. Seeing how well-received Pawp was as a limited-time offer, we knew it was a valuable addition that would enhance the Walmart+ experience,” said Venessa Yates, senior vice president and general manager of Walmart+. “This new benefit illustrates our continued evolution, as we strive to provide seamless, time-saving, and affordable solutions tailored to our members’ needs.”

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Pawp is a digital health clinic and telehealth platform for pet owners that connects them with veterinary professionals. The platform offers expert support, whether that’s a second opinion or general guidance. Key features of Pawp for Walmart+ members include:

  • Affordable Care – Pawp is offered as a free pet telehealth service in the Walmart+ benefit suite, saving members $99 on the cost of a standalone Pawp membership.
  • Expert support – Veterinary team comprised of veterinarians and licensed veterinary techs hired and trained in-house, each with at least five years clinical experience.
  • Around the clock access to vets – 24/7 access to licensed veterinary professionals via text and video. Unlimited on-demand virtual visits providing expert advice.
  • Personalized plans – Actionable post-visit care plans with product recommendations.

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“At Pawp, our mission is to make high quality, convenient pet care accessible to a much larger part of the population and, for over a year now, Walmart+ has been an incredible partner in helping us realize this vision,” said Marc Atiyeh, CEO of Pawp. “We’re excited to deepen this relationship by incorporating Pawp as an ongoing, first-of-its-kind pet health benefit for Walmart+ and look forward to supporting Walmart+ members with their pets care for years to come.”

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