Walmart, Avanlee Care help families coordinate grocery needs for aging loved ones

The all-in-one care app for families caring for a remote senior adds Walmart grocery delivery to its support for seniors and caregivers.
walmart avanlee

Walmart is partnering with Avanlee Care, the creator of the Avanlee app, to integrate online grocery ordering and delivery into the retailer's solution to help seniors live healthier and happier lives at home.

Approximately 90% of Americans aged 65 years old and older want to age in place. That is leading to an increased burden on the 53 million unpaid family caregivers in the United States, according to Avanlee.

Avanlee combines care coordination, medication adherence, health and mood monitoring and alerts, private family social activity, a rich "Ask Avanlee'' customer support experience, and now grocery fulfillment powered by Walmart.

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"We are excited to be working with Walmart for grocery delivery through the Avanlee app, reducing the many tasks associated with caring for an aging parent," said Avanlee Christine, CEO and founder of Avanlee Care. Christine founded Avanlee Care after watching her family tackle the myriad challenges associated with managing care and logistics for older relatives remotely.

"We're constantly thinking of ways to make the busy lives of caregivers easier. Integrating online grocery ordering and delivery from Walmart into Avanlee Care further helps our caregivers access everything they need to support an aging relative in one place." Christine said. "The delivery status tracking gives caregivers confidence that their relative has the food they need when they need it."

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This solution enables both Avanlee Care and Walmart to further improve their support for senior customers and their family caregivers.

Avanlee and its integrated grocery delivery capability powered by Walmart is available for free download via the App Store and Google Play.

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