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Walmart Data Ventures debuts Digital Landscapes

Digital Landscapes is a self-serve insights platform within Walmart Luminate that helps suppliers understand Walmart shoppers, the retailer said.

Walmart Data Ventures announced the beta launch of Digital Landscapes, a new self-serve insights platform within Walmart Luminate that is intended to help suppliers understand Walmart shoppers even better, per the retailer.

Pointing out that as more customers are turning to and the Walmart app to find value, it's essential for suppliers to understand how they find and select products among a wide range of options. The company noted that until now, suppliers were able to make decisions based on insights gathered after a purchase had been made. Now, with the ability to track online shopper behavior before a purchase, suppliers can explore new retail strategies to engage and drive consideration along the customer journey.

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With Digital Landscapes, suppliers can learn:

  • Where customers start their journey to find a product.
  • When customers find a product.
  • How a product compares to others in the category.
  • What a customer’s path to purchase looks like.

The company said these insights are particularly valuable for suppliers as they evaluate their marketing and sales strategies. By analyzing daily engagement trends and tracking sources that are driving traffic—from searches on and the Walmart mobile app to external search engines, social platforms and more—suppliers can better allocate their resources to help boost reach and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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Digital Landscapes will launch in beta on Wednesday, June 5, followed by general availability later this summer.

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