Walmart Marketplace launches new initiatives at Seller Summit

Walmart introduced new products, tools, services and markets that aims to supercharge seller success.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Walmart has unleashed several new initiatives to help sellers drive growth. These initiatives were described in full detail by Manish Joneja, senior vice president of Walmart Marketplace and Walmart Fulfillment Services, Walmart U.S. in a post on Walmart’s website and they were previewed at the inaugural Walmart’s Let’s Grow! Marketplace Seller Summit.

The Summit gathered Walmart leaders, marketplace experts and sellers to celebrate sellers and help them grow. 

Pointing out that as customer preferences shift and change, so does Walmart, Joneja said, “We’re not just keeping up, we’re leading the way in meeting customers right where they are. It’s about providing new avenues for customers to get what they need, whenever and wherever they need it."

Joneja continued, "Today, we’re bringing together a group of third-party sellers for our first-ever summit dedicated to Walmart Marketplace, our endless aisle where sellers of all sizes can offer customers the items they need and love. This morning at the summit I shared my belief that the evolution of Walmart Marketplace is among the greatest opportunities in retail. Beyond the sizeable business opportunity, it’s a chance to create the marketplace model of the future. We’re building alongside sellers, listening to their needs to create a platform that’s easy to use and the first choice for customers and sellers alike."

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Joneja added, "By design, our marketplace is a level playing field, providing customers access to what they want regardless of whether Walmart or a third-party seller owns the inventory. Put simply, we believe in growing together."

Emphasizing that Walmart has a built-in base of hundreds of millions of loyal customers, Joneja said, "Our  eCommerce business is thriving and we’re just getting started with Marketplace. We’re creating new opportunities to reach more customers through Walmart Business, a channel for B2B sellers; and Walmart Restored, a program to help sellers seize the emerging popularity of refurbished goods."

Additionally, Walmart is giving access to reach more customers around the world. "Adding to our existing markets of Canada, Mexico and the United States, early next year we’re opening up our marketplace in Chile to eligible cross-border sellers. If you’re a small business, international seller or a major brand who wants to turbocharge growth, you should be on Walmart Marketplace," Joneja said.

Noting that Walmart also is making it easier than ever to ensure products can stand out, Joneja said, "We’re continuing rolling out Brand Shops, dedicated digital storefronts that allow brands to create their own curated pages with ease. Build Brand Shelves to feature curated assortments, or try a seasonal collection. Both can boost discoverability and enhance customer experience. The creativity is yours. The reach is Walmart’s."

Joneja also shared that earlier this year Walmart reimagined to further enable item discovery through rich personal content, seasonal relevance and regional merchandising.

"We’re bridging digital and physical retail to make Walmart the destination across categories," he said, citing the example of the company's new Virtual Garage online and in the Walmart app, which allows customers to store details about multiple vehicles. "This connects with scheduling service appointments at our thousands of Auto Care Centers. As customers use these features, they can easily shop our full range of auto items," he said.

On the topic of fulfillment, Joneja said it can often be one of the biggest challenges for any retailer. "Our advanced supply chain is helping sellers reduce cost while providing customers convenience. Walmart blazed a trail in pickup and delivery, perfecting the systems and technology needed to provide a great customer experience. Now we’re bringing this expertise to sellers by standing up local pickup and delivery for sellers who have physical stores. Customers can pick up their items directly or have same-day delivery through our last-mile delivery network. This will lower sellers’ fulfillment costs, create new ways to convert sales and delight customers along the way," he said.

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Additionally, Walmart is providing more fulfillment options to make it more convenient for sellers who list big and bulky items such as canoes or trampolines by offering access to Walmart Fulfillment Services, "our low-cost end-to-end fulfillment solution. Sellers can now use WFS to ship multi-box items like patio sets. These new services mean more items can carry the Fulfilled by Walmart tag that helps drive conversion. And we know sellers see on average 50% growth in gross merchandise value when shifting items to WFS."

Lastly, Joneja said, "All this progress means something special for our customers, too: even more choice. That means they’re all turning toward Walmart to find the items they love – items just like the ones Walmart sellers offer. Today’s summit is a big milestone for us and our seller community. Walmart Marketplace can take you to new places, whether that’s a new market on the map, an emerging area like refurbished products or a spot on a shelf in one of our thousands of stores. If you want to become a Walmart seller, click here. If you’re already on this journey, thank you. The only way to go is up."

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