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Walmart to provide personalized grocery shopping via Llena Health Solutions

Walmart grocery pickup and delivery is now available on Llena (AI)'s Cook it Yourself Module.

Walmart is poised to provide shoppers with personalized grocery recommendations, thanks to a collaboration with digital diabetes management platform Llena (AI) Health Solutions.

Llena (AI) users can now browse and purchase personalized foods from Walmart featured in the platform's Cook it Yourself Module.

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The proprietary artificial intelligence creates an individualized glycemic index value meal suggestion based on blood sugar, blood pressure and other preferences. Llena (AI) users can pick up or receive delivery of Walmart groceries.

“Connecting Llena (AI) with Walmart food delivery is a ground-breaking move to support the communities in need and a true commitment to HBCUs 1890 Center of Excellence University programs addressing healthy eating, as well as food deserts and food insecurities,” said Charlotta Carter, Llena (AI) founder.

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