Walmart Wellness Day makes in-person comeback

Walmart Wellness Day will take place on July 24 at more than 4,700 locations nationwide, marking its return as an in-person event for the first time since January 2020.
David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Walmart Wellness Day is back. On July 24, the retailer will be helping its customers take charge of their health with its first in-person health screening and wellness resource event since January 2020. 

Walmart executives said the event — which will be held at 4,700 pharmacies nationwide — is meant to help patients who might have held off on seeking care during the pandemic regain control of their health. 

“At least 41% of Americans delayed care during the pandemic, according to the CDC, and that can lead to negative health impacts in the future. We want to make it simple for our customers to prioritize their health and catch up on preventive care by offering convenient health resources where they’re already shopping for groceries and back-to-school items,” said Dr. Cheryl Pegus, executive vice president of Walmart health and wellness. “We are especially focused on reaching customers in underserved communities who may have limited options for health care in their community, outside our pharmacies. This is a day for the entire family, and we’ll be offering screenings and services for all ages.”

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Walmart Wellness Day will include free health screenings, including glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index, as well as vision screenings at certain locations. There also will be educational resources and pharmacy team members available for consultations. Locations also will be offering no-cost COVID-19 vaccines and affordable immunizations, including measles, mumps, rubella; varicella; HPV; tetanus; whooping cough; and more. Certain stores will feature a mobile wellness unit, the company said. 

Walmart noted that it is now offering a digital vaccination record for patients who get their COVID-19 vaccine at Walmart or Sam’s Club, allowing patients to print, download or share the record with third-party apps. 

Walmart Wellness Day will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 24. Since the events started in 2014, Walmart said it has conducted more than 4.75 million free health screenings for its customers.