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Watch DSN: Good Neighbor Pharmacy’s Zilka highlights role independent pharmacies play in personalized care

Drug Store News editor in chief Nigel Maynard caught up with Jennifer Zilka, president of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, to discuss how the company’s patient-facing services help independent pharmacies deliver personalized care.

In this new installment of the Watch DSN video series, Drug Store Newseditor in chief Nigel Maynard speaks with Jennifer Zilka, president of Good Neighbor Pharmacy.

The two discussed the company’s role alongside AmerisourceBergen in supporting its network of 5,000 independent pharmacies across the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Zilka also shared insights on how the company’s patient-facing services, which include investing in tools, capabilities and services, help pharmacies deliver personalized care and convenience for patients, as well as the impact COVID-19 vaccinations and testing have had on independent pharmacies.

Watch the full conversation above.

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