What is the Future of High Performing Sales Organizations?

The last six months has elevated the stakes and the role of the sales process with all CPG companies.  The depth and quality of your partnerships matter more than ever before.  What are the new behaviors, capabilities and mindsets of tomorrow’s elite sales organizations? 

The webinar will be presented by Dan Mack & will also feature Jason Reiser, former senior merchant of Dollar General, Family Dollar and Sam's Club. Jason will share his personal insights into why elite sales organizations THINK, ACT & ENGAGE DIFFERENTLY than the majority of companies. 

The discussion will help leaders understand the skills, capabilities and mindset of tomorrows highest performing sales organizations, and the best practices from some of today's most experiential sales leaders. 

The program will emphasize:

  • How do very special suppliers build relationships differently than most of their competitors? 
  • How do the most creative supplier partners co-develop solutions, share risks and manage cost increases with their retail partners?
  • Why are candid, honest and courageous conversations the starting point of building deeper retailer partnerships?
  • Why do the best sales organizations think of their customer's P&L as their own P&L, and how do they stay in alignment?
  • How do elite sales organizations think creativity in their customer negotiations and how do they "tailor" their offerings & discussions?

The rules are changing and your partners have new choices into who they commit their time, creativity and resources.  This is a must see program for any CPG organization & retailer looking to improve their alignment and the overall health of their partnerships.



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