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The wonder women

DSN is celebrating the women making strides in retail pharmacy, beauty and wellness.

Earlier this year in a LinkedIn blog post, a writer made an economic case for having more women in the business world; his case was convincing.

“When women are included in the workplace, they bring new ideas, innovative solutions, and alternative viewpoints that can help businesses to think outside the box and make more informed decisions,” the writer said. “Another reason for the necessity of women in business is the economic benefit. Women represent a significant portion of the workforce, and their contribution to the global economy is substantial. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, advancing women’s equality in the workplace could add $12 trillion to the global economy by 2025.”

Of course, the participation of women in the pharmacy profession is massive. Today, women account for about 70% (give or take) of pharmacists in the United States, a dramatic rise from the ‘60s and 70s. Women are so prevalent in the industry that October 12 is now National Women Pharmacist Day. But women also are found in all areas of the retail pharmacy profession and its related sectors, such as manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, health, wellness, beauty and more.

This month, we’re celebrating those women with our annual Top Women in Health, Wellness & Beauty. Now in its fifth year, the program singles out exceptional women in three categories—Business Excellence, Commitment to Care and Rising Stars—recognizing those who are making strides in various levels of their careers. The program is a celebration of the past and the present. It recognizes and honors the women who are making or have made outstanding contributions to their companies and their communities, but it also is a glimpse into the future.

To read about all the winners of this year’s awards, turn to our cover story and join us in saying congratulations to all the women who received recognition but also to all of the women who were nominated. You may not have won, but every day you show up and perform at a high level for your organization. That’s the most important achievement of all.

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