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Xiromed intros 2 generics

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Insud Pharmaceuticals' Xiromed division, is expanding its generics offerings with two new products.

The company is introducing Melphalan vial for injection 50 mg. The medication is a generic of Alkeran. It is indicated for the palliative treatment of patients with multiple myeloma for whom oral therapy is not appropriate. The product and its generics had a market size of $20.4 million for the year ended December 2020, according to IQVIA data. 

The company also is rolling out progesterone capsules, in dosage strengths of 100 mg and 200 mg. The product is the generic of Prometrium. 

Prometrium capsules are indicated for use in the prevention of endometrial hyperplasia in nonhysterectomized postmenopausal women who are receiving conjugated estrogens tablets. They also are indicated for use in secondary amenorrhea.  

Prometrium and its generics had a market value of $74.8 million for the 12 month period ending December 2020, according to IQVIA.   

“The launches of melphalan vial for injection and progesterone capsules are the latest examples of Xiromed’s commitment to bringing quality generic products to patients in the United States, said Xiromed CEO Narasimhan Mani. "Xiromed has a robust portfolio of generic products across many therapeutic areas and dosage forms, and these two launches demonstrate our commitment to expanding our offerings in the injectable and soft gel capsule dosage forms.”

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