Abbott debuts Pedialyte with Immune Support, 3 more hydration products

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Abbott is innovating with its Pedialyte hydration solution, rolling out four new products under the legacy brand. The company said that as hydration needs evolve, particularly for adults, it has used its scientific capabilities to create Pedialyte Sport, Pedialyte Organic, Pedialyte Electrolyte Water with Zero Sugar and Pedialyte Immune Support. 

Pedialyte immune support is particularly timely, given the immunity category’s ongoing boom throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The product combine’s Pedialyte’s standard balanced electrolytes and glucose with such immune-supporting ingredients as prebiotics; zinc; and vitamins B12, C and E. Pedialyte with Immune Support is sold in mixed berry and fruit punch flavors. 

"Making changes to our diets is a good way to get nutrients that support the immune system because about 70%  of our immune system is in the digestive tract, making nutrition a critical aspect of immune health," said Barbara Marriage, nutrition science lead for pediatric nutrition at Abbott. "Drinking Pedialyte with Immune Support can help people recover from illness, helping to prevent dehydration while also adding immune-supporting nutrients to the diet."

Immune support isn’t the only new venture for the Abbott Park, Ill.-based company’s brand. 

Pedialyte Sport, sold in fruit punch and lemon lime flavors, which contains three times as many electrolytes and one-quarter as much sugar as leading sports drinks to support consumers and elite athletes participating in rigorous training and exercise programs. Pedialyte Organic offers a USDA-certified organic product in crisp lemon berry and grape flavors that are made without artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, and with added zinc for immune support. Pedialyte Electrolyte Water with Zero Sugar is sold in berry frost and fruit punch flavors and contains 50% more electrolytes than leading sports drinks and electrolyte waters, as well as zinc for immune support. The product contains no sugar, artificial flavors or artificial colors. 

Abbott said that all the new products are sold in one-liter bottles and powder pack formulations. Also notable is that the new products span the store. Pedialyte with Immune Support is sold in the pharmacy department, while Pedialyte Organic is sold with Pedialyte’s traditional products in the children’s aisle and Pedialyte Sport and Pedialyte Electrolyte Water with Zero Sugar are merchandised in the sports nutrition aisle. 

The products have rolled out to most major retailers, including Walmart, Target and