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Albertsons Media Collective, The Trade Desk to provide brands opportunity to connect with customers

​​​​​​​Albertsons will be the first grocer in the United States to enable audience and measurement solutions across the open internet through The Trade Desk.

Albertsons Media Collective, the retail media arm for Albertsons, via a partnership with The Trade Desk, is poised to provide advertisers with the ability to understand the connection between their ad campaigns and customer sales.

Albertsons will be the first grocer in the United States to enable audience and measurement solutions across the open internet through The Trade Desk.

With more than 2,275 stores across the United States, Albertsons Media Collective will provide advertisers such as Pepsi, Unilever and GroupM (with media agency Mindshare) with insights and metrics across audience data to help them optimize their campaigns that close the loop between advertising spend and sales.

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Albertsons Media Collective is the first within the grocery space to separate data from inventory. This new partnership makes it easier for brands to reach the right audience across the open internet and beyond, including the industry’s fastest growing digital channels, such as connected TV, the retailer said.

“Retail media represents an incredible opportunity for brands that want to connect their marketing spend to sales,” said Jed Dederick, chief client officer at The Trade Desk.

“As the industry grapples with the shifts in consumer habits and the evolving identity landscape, our clients are demanding a data-driven approach to their marketing campaigns. Partnering with Albertsons Media Collective gives us the ability to provide advertisers what they want, which is inventory that reaches the right consumer, and using data to inform media decisioning across the retail media landscape,” he said.

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As marketers continue to look for ways to prove the return-on-investment of their campaigns, they increasingly value the data-driven precision of the open internet that gives them the ability and flexibility to measure campaign performance effectively.

“Albertsons Media Collective and The Trade Desk are redefining what it means for advertisers to reach the right audience and measure their marketing campaigns,” said Kristi Argyilan, senior vice president of retail media at Albertsons. “Our shared philosophy on solving the issues on identity, transparency and inefficiencies that currently exist within the advertising ecosystem will create opportunities for brands to embrace the power of the open internet that drives precision and relevance.”

As the industry prepares for the elimination of third-party cookies, new sources of audience data are critical. Brands will need to activate their first-party data and future-proof their advertising strategies to create meaningful, personalized content for consumers that prioritize data privacy. Through the new partnership, brands will be able to deploy new tools, such as Unified ID 2.0, to preserve the value of relevant advertising while increasing consumer control.

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“Advertising is going through a transformational shift, and PepsiCo is excited about the impact data-driven advertising is making,” said Shyam Venugopal, senior vice president of global media and commerce capabilities at PepsiCo.

“The partnership between The Trade Desk and Albertsons Media Collective is enabling brands to drive better control and decision-making, as well as greater transparency across our media buys to give us the ability to leverage first-party data to reach the right consumer,” Venugopal said.

“We are excited to be working with Albertsons as they announce this strategic partnership with The Trade Desk,” said Luis DiComo, executive vice president of global media at Unilever. “This partnership will enable Unilever to more accurately target valued consumers off retailer websites, while also measuring the impact of investment in ways previously unavailable.”

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"Today you can’t talk about media without discussing retail media — the evolution of retail media is accelerating our industry across the board, connecting brands with consumers in a highly quantifiable way,” said Jeff Malmad, global head of commerce at Mindshare. “We’re very excited about the partnership that Albertsons Media Collective and The Trade Desk have forged to help our clients better understand the connection between ad campaigns and customer sales. We always reinforce to our retail partners the importance of value, viewability and verification, and this partnership allows us to deliver across all three.”

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