Align Baby Probiotic Colic Relief supports infants’ tummies

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Align Baby Probiotic Colic Relief supports infants’ tummies


Align is looking to help parents curb some discomfort their infants may be experiencing with a brand new product formulation.

New from the Cincinnati-based brand is Align Baby Colic Relief for babies and infants.

Formulated to add good bacteria for healthy tummies, the brand partnered with board-certified RN and mother Jamie Otis on the product’s launch.

“As a mom to a new baby and someone constantly in touch with other moms of little ones, a pain point we share is finding the best ways to soothe fussiness in our kiddos,” Otis said. “We’ve all been craving that clutch product that will deliver effective, quick relief, and Align Probiotic’s new baby probiotic product gets it done. As a trusted brand that’s been the No. 1 recommended probiotic for over 10 years for relieving symptoms of digestive upsets, it was a no brainer to have Align’s newest product on hand before Hendrix was born in case I needed it.”

In addition, Align Baby Probiotic Colic Relief contains sunflower oil and Bifidobacterium, or BB-12, in a dropper bottle so parents can easily control the drops being distributed to their children.

“As a probiotic leader for more than a decade, we wanted to answer the needs of parents like Jamie who were looking for products that will soothe their baby’s fussiness and crying,” said Ilonka Laviz, brand franchise director, North America digestive wellness. “The first 1,000 days in a baby’s life are an important window of time to support microbiome development and long-term health. With this in mind, we created Align Baby Probiotic to give parents access to an option from a brand they already trust for their own gut health.”

Free of lactose, gluten, soy and dairy, the product is vegetarian and available for purchase at retailers nationwide, as well as online.