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All laundry detergent brand debuts sensitive formulation

The product is 100% free of dyes and removes 99% of seasonal allergens, the company said.
all sensitive fresh

The makers of all free clear are unveiling all sensitive fresh, which was developed with a “Spring Breeze” hypoallergenic scent.

The product is 100% free of dyes and removes 99% of top every day and seasonal allergens, the company said.

The new detergent was recently named a 2024 winner of the largest consumer-voted awards program centered around product innovation, Product of the Year USA—a survey of 40,000 people by Kantar—in the laundry detergent category.

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“The all brand is committed to developing laundry products that meet the needs of all consumers,” said Julia Galotto, vice president of marketing at Henkel. “While all free clear is known to be a trusted laundry brand for people with sensitive skin, we discovered a desire from consumers to have the best of both worlds: a detergent that is gentle on skin and leaves clothes with a light scent after each wash. all sensitive fresh is the result of listening to our loyal community and innovating to ensure we are the trusted choice for all their laundry needs.”

All sensitive fresh liquid laundry detergent is Safer Choice Certified by the EPA and comes in 36-oz. and 88-oz. bottles with load counts of 24 and 58, or in mighty pacs with a load count of 19 per container. 

The laundry detergent will be available at Walmart, Target and other national retailers in-store and online later this month. Consumers can learn more about the new product through a national campaign that can be seen across broadcast and digital platforms this spring.

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