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Arcade Beauty expands retail capabilities

Arcade Beauty's expansion is on trend with the current boom in the fragrance and skin care market.

Arcade Beauty is in an expansion mode. The company shared that it has added new capabilities to its retail division, following a pattern of growth as the company is becoming a “one-stop-shop” for both the retail and sampling needs of beauty and wellness companies.

This expansion is also on trend with the current boom in the fragrance and skincare market, and the goal is to provide products from mono-dose to full size, that are sustainably sourced, produced and packaged.

In addition to the existing in-house blending and filling capabilities, there have been two new main components added to Arcade Beauty Retail’s offering. These new components will strengthen and expand the suite of services the group already offers: blending and filling for entire fragrance lineups, with a full lab set up for color matching, stability and compatibility testing.

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Adding to their existing in-house retail filling capabilities (tube, bottle, jar, etc.), Arcade Beauty is now able to produce and fill 3D spouted pouches for customers, offering 200 mL to 500 mL sizes. These larger-sized product options result in less waste by reducing the use of rigid packaging and introduces the use of mono-materials. This new capability supports Arcade Beauty’s global CSR goals.

The last part of the expansion is a partnership with formulation expert L’Onvie with innovative formulas for the skincare, hair care and cosmetic categories. Arcade Beauty is teaming up with L’Onvie to work on shared sustainability goals to offer turnkey full-sized product formulation and manufacturing, which round out the group’s capabilities as a full-service provider or “one-stop shop.”

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“As the beauty industry and retail landscape is constantly changing, we find it to be an exciting opportunity to adapt and find new ways to make our customers’ processes simpler and more efficient," said Arcade Beauty CEO, Carl Allain. "We are eager to continue expanding Arcade Beauty Retail’s offerings and services, including our partnership with U.S. based formulation expert L’Onvie.”

The Arcade Beauty retail division is showing swift acceleration. After launching in November 2021, the division’s first products were offered in February 2022. With these new services, Arcade Beauty is becoming more of an all-in-one service provider for beauty companies, the company noted.

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